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contenido The new trader: far away from the 80's Budd Fox model

On the Floor Laughing: Traders Are Having a New Kind of Fun By James Somers The modern trader is playing the most sophisticated, dynamic, immersive game in the world. Here's how it works -- and why your job might be the next to turn into a massively multiplayer experience. It's just past noon on a Friday and I'm on the fourth floor of a skyscraper in lower Manhattan watching numbers rise and fall. The place is teeming with them--numbers by the screenful, screens everywhere you look -- but I've been told to pay attention to just one in particular, and what's really important is that I'm supposed to say something if it goes above 1,238. I'm not yet sure why. I'm here to watch my roommate work. I realize that might sound insipid, but my passive curiosity about his job -- he trades complex equity derivatives for a "bulge bracket" bank -- has metastasized over this past year into something closer to devastating envy as I've seen him come home, day after day, buoyant and satisfied. I need to know what the hell goes...
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