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The Pitch – Is there anyway to protect

Is there anything Western Union and other wire transfer companies can do to protect their customers from being scammed? Question: Scammers have been using wire transfers for years to lure people into sending money without actually receiving anything in return. Western Union, a form of wire transfer, is a favorite among said scammers. So, how can Western Union, as well as other wire companies, help protect customers from fraud? Answer: Western Union has to step it up when it comes to protecting the people who are using the service. If it were to become more of a escrow service, those who were using the service to conduct legitimate business would not be able to transfer money in a timely manner. However, if the escrow service could be limited to situations where customers are sending money in return for a service or product, this could work. The scammer wouldn’t want to do an escrow at all and that would send a red flag to the customer not to do business with that person. Western Union has an opportunity here ...
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