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The twilight of the "novísimos"

The weightless aspect of the actual poetry is showed in this book of Yamilka Noa Echoes of Sorrow isn't a common poetry book. In there, six are the poems which basis the argument and a perfect resume of the lyric idea of Yamilka: When hope dies, Oh death!, Premature death, Black suffering, This is sadness and The secret of pain. In they, she explains an interesting mixture of self-suffering and metaphoric uses of posmodern poetry by the true essence of novísimos. Hope I alighton weakness.I'm a little butterflyvulnerableto losing my strength.But I breathe,there's still spirit,there are coloursdecorating my wings.I'm not alone,never alone. About the author... Yamilka Noa was born in Holguín, Cuba, and has also lived in Costa Rica (2002-2009). At now, she resides in London (England), where she is studying Digital Media Production at Thames Valley University. Between other prises, she wons two mentions in the Nosside Poetry Prize Competition (2007, 2008), an international multilingual and multimedia award for pre...
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