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The ugly go to jail, the handsome, no

Today there is much emphasis on beauty. But he certainly will not be realized one thing. Now that beauty is more important than before: it always has been. And above all, that beauty is immensely more important than it thinks. Influence the beauty of life. In the Middle Ages, when two men were indicted for the same offense, the sentencing judge at least two physically graceful. And in case of doubt, the culprits were ugly. Although this may appear surprising, it happens at present, though more subliminal. Prisons throughout the world have a higher percentage of that ugly beautiful. We acknowledge the ugly, the beautiful and justified. Some experts in law are so convinced that beauty is a physical conditioning in the halls of justice advocated that those accused of any offense does not appear in court or at least entitled to that other person of their normal beauty represents, a person engaged in some sort of modeling agency to act as a double charged. A few years ago made an experiment and consisted of a plas...
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