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TheLandlordApp Releases Update to the #1 Ranked Property Management App

Huntington Beach, California – The California makers of TheLandlordApp announced this week that version 1.5 of their Smartphone App is now available through the Android Market and iTunes. Version 1.5 builds upon the success of The Landlord App by providing an update containing various improvements, including fixes that: * Address the ability to add / edit past collected rent * View payment status at a glance on property summary screen * Improve the handling of a properties water bill * Added time stamp to tax and insurance payments * Allow users to store App data on both phone memory and the SD card Landlords across the country will no longer have to dig through endless piles of paperwork or struggle with dead beet management companies to control every aspect of their rental properties. Created by two engineers who have a combined 9 years of property management experience, TheLandlordApp is a complete solution for any landlord who manages his or her own properties. The App will maintain flawless records for I...
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