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thepeoplesrecord: Guatemala: Indigenous village declares...

thepeoplesrecord: Guatemala: Indigenous village declares internet access a human right August 03, 2012 In the indigenous village of Santiago Atitlan, Internet access has been declared “a human right” by both their inhabitants and local authorities. Authorities are also implementing a plan to provide free community Wi-Fi to the entire population so that everyone can benefit from it and exercise their rights. The concepts of community and sharing are entrenched into the daily life of indigenous people in Guatemala. Common spaces, open doors, collaboration and sharing are the main characteristics of communities, specially among small linguistic communities such as the Mayan Tzutuhil indigenous group in the Highlands of Guatemala. As cultures evolve and adapt to the new discoveries of science and technology, indigenous cultures are embracing new technologies and adapter their use with their traditional principles. That is the case of Internet access. The youth of Santiago Atitlan pro-actively use digital tools. T...
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