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Time and Attendance System Review

After 35 years of collecting time sheets the old-fashionedway, BakerTriangle in 2009 decided to replace paper timesheets for their 1500+ workerswith the most modern electronic system available. This decision came after almost six months of searching for the right solution to fit BakerTriangle’s diverse building operations, to ultimately keep tabs on workforces working dozens of jobs scattered over the United States. After weeding out less capable products, Kenneth E. Sewell, Director of Technology at BakerTriangle, the leading drywall, ceiling, and plaster specialty contractor in the southwest, chose what he calls the “best solution on the market.” With sales topping $130 million in 2009, Baker Triangle is the twelfth largest in the nation among wall and ceiling firms. Kenneth spent some very exhaustive months researching the top time and attendance systems, finally deciding “AboutTime was the most progressive and flexible than any of the others.” (Kenneth’s article appears appearing in May 2010’s Associated ...
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