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Time is Worth Tracking, Survey Finds; OfficeTime Updates Mac Version

London, United Kingdom – In OfficeTime’s just-released survey of business owners and professionals who track their time, the company discovered that 46% of respondents indicate they track their time because it helps them to become more productive, while 42% said it helps them to provide their clients with better invoicing while improving their own revenue. For those tracking time to improve productivity, 42% aimed to identify how their time is being used while 31% indicated they wanted to know where their time was being wasted. “This survey reflects what we’ve known from users of our OfficeTime time tracking software – that time is worth tracking,” said Stephen Dodd, director of OfficeTime. “By accurately tracking time each day, business owners and professionals not only can bill for more time and increase their revenues, but they can simply work more efficiently by making better use of their time.” OfficeTime has released the latest update to its Mac and PC versions of the time and expense tracking software ...
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