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Top 13 Must-Have Facebook Applications For Business

Top 13 Must-Have Facebook Applications For Business It’s now or never if you want to secure your business real estate on Facebook. Fan pages for business are quickly catching on for all types of industries; however, not all fan pages are maintained effectively thus missing valuable traffic and engagement with fans AKA potential customers and clients. Facebook and other social networks are all about people and relationships. A business owner would want to build their reputation, so that they become trustworthy, credible and knowledgeable about their audience to provide them with the products or services they need. Social networks work the same way. Who is your company’s audience and what do they want from you? How are you going to attract more people to your page’s network? Two ways to increase your network and reputation on a Facebook Fan Page: consistent updates and applications. Post often on a fan page, allow more than one person to manage a fan page, to provide the valuable information and expertise that ...
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