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Tuesdays with Morrie: Book review

Death can be a very sticky  issue to be confronted with ,lots of emotions ,high pitched shrills ,cold sighs and more  over pouring of emotions .Many would dismiss this as a negative topic ,you may be shushed ,scolded or stared at for even attempting to get this topic and this issue can bring in a lot of seriousness and silent staring at the walls and remembering the almighty God for a split second. None of these emotions emerge when Mitch Albom starts this journey with his long dying professor in his book “Tuesdays with Morrie” This book is different because it talks of death and love and manages to bring in a new dimension to this topic we all dread. It treats death with respect and all the love, emotion and loss associated with it without being over dramatic and bringing in a new life, a new chapter in the lives of Mitch and his professor Morrie Scwartz. Another interesting aspect in this book is the long lost relationship between the old dying prof and his student ,exploring life’s lessons on his death bed...
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