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Unit 50 Level 3 (Upper Intermediate - Advanced) Final Review

Welcome to the last unit of our free weekly course. This time, besides the usual reading and listening activities, we are going to review some of the topics covered in previous units. 1) Let’s start by brushing up a bit on the “causative have” structure and the so-called “phrasal verbs” with these videos. Passive Causative Phrasal Verbs 2) Practice makes perfect, so let’s review some grammar with this set of exercises: Infinitive or gerund 1 Infinitive or gerund 2 Phrasal verbs 1 Phrasal verbs 2 Reported speech 1 Reported speech 2 Passive voice Conditional sentences 1 Conditional sentences 2 Verb tenses 1 Verb tenses 2 Relative clauses 1 Relative clauses 2 Modal verbs 1 Modal verbs 2 Prepositions 1 Prepositions 2 3) Time to do some translation and rephrasing activities. Good luck! Translation 1 Translation 2 Translation 3 Translation 4 Rephrasing 1 Rephrasing 2 Rephrasing 3 Rephrasing 4 4) Use the sentences from the above exercises and videos to practice with your language exchange. Haven't you found a langua...
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