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contenido Universals of Human Culture

viernes, 15 de junio de 2012 Universals of Human Culture From E. O. Wilson, Consilience p. 147: "In a classic 1945 compendium, the American anthropologist George P. Murdock listed the universals of culture, which he defined as the social behaviors and institutions recorded in the Human Relations Area Files for every one of the hundreds of societies studied to that time. There are sixty-seven universals in the list": Age-grading Athletic sports Bodily adornment Calendar Cleanliness training Community organization Cooking Cooperative labor Cosmology Courtship Dancing Decorative art Divination Division of labor Dream interpretation Education Eschatology Ethics Ethno-botany Etiquette Faith healing Family feasting Folklore Food taboos Funeral rites Games Gestures Gift-giving Government Greetings Hair styles Hospitality Housing Hygiene Incest taboos Inheritance rules Joking Kin groups Kinship nomenclature Language  Law Luck superstitions Magic Marriage Mealtimes Medicine Obstetrics Penal sanctions Personal names Po...
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