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unknownskywalker: Watching the Northern Lights from Above...

unknownskywalker: Watching the Northern Lights from Above Earth The Aurora Borealis is beautiful from the ground, but what does it look like from the air? A team of atmospheric physicists sent 30 balloons with HD cameras attached up to find out. The team attached GoPro HD cameras to the high-altitude balloon rigs, and released them into the sky during the aurora. A second camera is in shot because the team needed one to capture the images and a second to flash and project light onto the first camera to make it possible to get the exposure right. Once the balloons got so high that the pressure popped them, the cameras parachuted back to Earth, where the footage was recovered. The team were unable to recover two of the cameras, but they know they are somewhere in the Alaska desert. They are posting the coordinates online to allow local boy scouts, clubs or other groups to go their own expedition and find them. As a reward they will allow the finder to keep the camera, as they only need the GPS tracking devices ...
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