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Updated SHADOWGUN is Rolling on the New iPad

Brno, Czech Republic – MADFINGER Games has released a new update for iOS version of SHADOWGUN. With the update, this best-selling game finally arrives to the new iPad users and brings smashing gaming experience. SHADOWGUN, that has been downloaded by almost one million users worldwide so far, is available for the new iPad as an update, not as a standalone app. “Shadowgun is an universal app, why to release extra HD version? We don’t want to force players to pay twice for one game,” explained MADFINGER Games CEO Marek Rabas. SHADOWGUN provides players with an exceptional gaming experience on the new iPad. The updated game version supports Native 2048×1536 iPad resolution and 4x Anti Aliasing and yet it still retains completely smoothly gameplay. “So it proves its extraordinary benchmark game qualities with an excellent graphics and easy-to-use controls,” promised Marek Rabas. This update also remedies often repeated crashes of game appearing on the original iPad and iPod touch due to a lacking in memory. “We h...
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