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vajrabrush: “ANOTHER DEAD HERO” By Andy Langer “This is a Bill...

vajrabrush: “ANOTHER DEAD HERO” By Andy Langer “This is a Bill Hicks interview, not a Tool interview,” declares Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan over the phone. Although California’s progressive metalists have imposed a press blackout in order to protect the lyrical integrity of their brand new album, Aenima, Keenan has reluctantly made an exception to discuss Bill Hicks. After all, the late, Austin-based comedian gets big play on Aenima: several of his routines are sampled, there’s a painting of him in the CD booklet titled Another Dead Hero, and the disc’s back cover inlay depicts Hicks’ Californiain-the-ocean “Arizona Bay” theory. So, while Keenan says Aenima isn’t a tribute to Hicks,he’s fully aware what kind of exposure this highly anticipated album should give the late comedian. “[Our fans] will search him out,” says Keenan. “That’s why we put the picture on the album, so they can get a wider idea. It helps people understand where we’re coming from as well if they can get perspective like that. They’l...
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