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Vote for the Best Music – Win Great Prizes – Final Round

Vancouver (BC) Canada – Koolhaus Games have launched a contest to find the very best Unsigned musical talent worldwide. iMP Surf the Music’s Unsigned Band Contest. Four preliminary rounds of voting determined The Best of the Best International Unsigned Musical Talent. All the Fan Favourite Winners are featured in the Final Round and its ON NOW through to May 31st, 2012. Musical artists from the Four Corners of the World have made the cut. Musical artists from countries like Brazil, Russia, Canada, Slovenia, Sweden, India, Cyprus, Australia and the USA are all available for your listening pleasure. And now you decide who moves on: This Round is for all the marbles. The Top Ten Favorite bands win a spot in the upcoming iMP Surf the Music Unsigned Band iPhone/iPad Game! It’s a real chance for fans to make a difference and music that rocks to get the recognition it deserves! But wait – there’s more!! One lucky Voter in the Giveaway wins an iPod touch and is automatically entered to win an iPad3 or iPhone4S! Just ...
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