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It is no longer alone the debts and the deficit, it is necessary to try to brake the misery

The objectivity of the politicians in Europe is completely outside of the logic, the matter is very serious because one doesn't react, they don't know how to make it or they cannot make it, this it is the question when they are not worried by its own interests, they are braked by those of other, in fact this it is one of the problems, too many and varied interests. But the history that has changed the whole western system travel a little  September 11 2001 the western society collapses at the same time that the twin towers of New York, in that day get lost the security, the trust in a system that so far it seemed outside of all doubt, and it is battered for the action of "some terrorists" that they take advantage of the own arrogance and inoperability of the security state official of the USA. There is no doubt that it was and it is the capital of the Western civilization.  In the 2008, September 15, the same society and this time also the occident rest, attended amazed to the biggest economic swindle never p...
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