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ithinkimightveinhaledyou: The Peyton Sawyer 30 Days Meme | Day...

ithinkimightveinhaledyou: The Peyton Sawyer 30 Days Meme | Day 13 | Best Moment in Season6 “Love, Mom” I think choosing to keep her baby was the bravest gesture that Peyton ever did. She could have died, but she “didn’t care”. What mattered was the life inside of her. She was so determined to carry on the pregnancy. Nobody could change her mind. It was so touching seeing her create a box of memories for her baby. She drew her and Lucas’ story. And in that box she put everything about her (her drawings, her music, the photo of her and Ellie) so in some way the baby would have known her. I remember seeing Peyton draw for the entire episode and only at the end we found out she was doing everything for the baby. I was so sad and touched at the same time. This whole storyline made me cry so damn much!
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