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Kroco Gems HD for iPad – Evolution of the most famous puzzle game ever

Milan, Italy – Dracoders today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of Kroco Gems HD 1.3 for iPad, its fast-paced block-dropping game ($2.99) that is similar to Tetris, but improved for touch devices. There are two game modes: Story with 40 unique levels of block dropping fun and Classic, featuring (5) difficulty settings (Story mode must be completed to unlock). While this game may appear easy, it is proven to be habit forming and should be played only at the player’s risk of becoming addicted to Kroco Gems. Kroco Gems is a iOS game based on the Grandfather of all block-dropping games, Tetris. However, Dracoders expanded on an already great idea by developing their own unique game engine called Tettix that is a very fast game engine allowing for very complex logic, heavy 2D graphics all while loading fast. This block dropping game, plays with a twist, literally that requires users to solve the block puzzles on each level with already filled game boards of various types of blocks. Pla...
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