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This is an older survey, but it was very interesting to read a blog on one company’s survey of Microsoft v Oracle Total Cost of Administration (TCA) from 2006. It’s an interesting survey that looks at the cost of installing, managing, patching, etc. on both platforms. This is based on SQL Server 2000/2005 and Oracle 9i an 10g, so it’s out of date on the technology, and I wonder if there have been enough changes in Oracle 11 to close the gap. There’s nothing surprising in the survey to me. SQL Server costs less, the DBAs cost less, and it’s easier to administer. As a result, the cost per user, or per instance is lower than that of Oracle. That’s despite the fact that larger Oracle instances tend to support more users than SQL Server. What I found was interesting, was the unit of measure. Read the rest of “TCA” at SQLServerCentral. View original post here: TCA Datafeed Plugin  Share now!
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