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Typon for iPhone – Sleek and fun image editing tool

Copenhagen, Denmark – Pingo van der Brinkeloev and Greener Pastures have released Typon 1.1, an elegant and simple photo editing app for iOS devices. Typon lets the user type on his or her images and create beautiful compositions quick and simple. The user can chose between various typefaces, scale, rotate, change colors, and share your images on Facebook, via email or save it to the phone. With Typon the user can make a greeting card, make art, make someone happy, share ideas, or make some noise. Typon is also great to make a joke or a statement and share it between your friends. The user can use the camera to take new pictures or choose an image from the Camera Roll in the iPhone. The user interface is unique – and is inspired by different image editing tools. Typon includes a color picker where you can choose RGB colors and opacity, a WYSIWYG font chooser and the user can scale and rotate the text via multi touch. It should be fun and easy to create new images. Typon is great to make a comment on a wedding...
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