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WakeApp, the Scientific Alarm Clock & Sleep Recorder App for the iPhone

Bern, Switzerland – Today AppZoo announced that a major update of its unique sleep app for the iPhone/iPod touch, WakeApp v2.0.0, is now available for download from Apple’s App Store. The brand new version includes a smart audio recording feature that allows users to find out whether they snore or talk in their sleep or if any disturbing noise has an influence on their sleep quality. WakeApp offers additional features that give people valuable insight into their sleep habits. The Basics: Everyone moves while sleeping. The more movement the lighter the sleep, the less movement the deeper the sleep. WakeApp is placed on the bed and records the body movements using the accelerometer. It uses a mathematic formula based on scientific sleep research (actigraphy) to determine the sleep phases from these body movements. Intelligent Wakeup Window: During an intelligent wakeup window of 30 minutes ending at the set alarm time, WakeApp choses the most suitable wakeup moment. The wakeup moment is adapted to the individua...
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