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Web Express! Offline Page Reader for iPad

Middlebury, Vermont – Simple and easy to use reliable offline Web page reader and Internet browser! Browse to your favorite websites and download the pages you want to read offline for when you don’t have an Internet connection. Saves text, images, page formatting, links, and more. Features include: * Web browsing * Saving pages * Offline reading * Post link to Facebook * iTunes document sharing * Bookmarks * Home page button * Search page button * Back and forward buttons * Stop and reload buttons * URL direct entry * And, more Great for commuters, travelers, students, those on the go, and everyone else who want to read their favorite articles at their convenience… anytime, anywhere. Tired of seeking Wi-Fi hotspots for your iPad or iPod touch? Spending hours in commute train with no 3G signal? This app allows you to save entire web pages, including formatting and images, and read them offline on gorgeous iPad screen. To save a page for offline reading, touch the button while surfing the Web using built-in br...
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