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contenido wesleyallsbrook: American Vogue, why won’t you use more...

Steven Klein's spread for Vogue US October 2011's Chaos Theory wesleyallsbrook: American Vogue, why won’t you use more illustration?  I don’t mean the watercolor renderings of featured products, or wistful looks-back on the likes of Antonio Lopez, Rene Gruau, Harvey Boyd, or Rene Bouche (who I’d love to see covering an event right now if he was still around).  More than sketched coverage of the Met Gala, I’d love to see  illustrated images used in an editorial context.  I really enjoyed Steven Klein’s image of distracted luxury for last year’s article Chaos Theory on adult women with previously undiagnosed attention deficit disorder.  But an image like, say, April 2011’s Time to Chill? is crying out for an illustrator’s attention.  There’s at least one article like this in every issue.  I’m not saying that it should be me or someone like me, I’m just saying…  There are articles like these, pieces about the challenges and perils of the stylish and successful, in every issue of Vogue.  Sometimes a photo-illustr...
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