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What Kind of Networker are You?

Editorial comment: This MaximiXING article is by Vivian rather than Silke Schippmann, who we hope will get well soon! Anyone who has been a member at XING for some time may well have looked at someone’s profile or a message they wrote and immediately thought “So that’s how they tick”. This is by no means intended to sound negative, and we certainly don’t want people to pigeonhole others, but characterizations can actually help to facilitate communication by adjusting our expectations. After monitoring this for some time, we have identified four common categories of people on our platform: The contact acquirer: This type of person often has a huge list of contacts, and in the old days they would have needed a pack horse to carry their address book around with them. Acquirers, sometimes also known as ‘contact gatherers’, invite people to join their network before even looking to see if there are any synergies. Acquirers’ huge thirst for contacts may well be frowned upon by those being contacted, and you shouldn...
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