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Where the Secret Service is Still Called the KGB

Luna Bolívar Manaut Byelorussia. Someone like Khalezin would never say “Byelorussia”, which means “White Russia” and smacks of colonialism. Since its independence from the Soviet Union, his country has officially been called “Republic of Belarus”. In 1991, the only vote cast against independence was by the Vice President of the Parliament: Alexander Lukashenko. Three years later, he would become the first head of the new state, and promise to fight corruption and safeguard the social advantages of communism. Byelorussia was one of the Soviet republics with a high living standard – the “Germany of the USSR”. Its inhabitants were therefore afraid of the many abrupt changes that would follow independence. But ultimately they paid a high price to maintain stability. “This isn’t the last dictatorship in Europe, it is the first one in the 21st century” Between 1991 and 1994, and prior to Lukashenko’s inauguration, liberties increased somewhat in Belarus: political parties emerged, associations were founded, and eve...
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