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Why Invest in property in Michigan

For many, Property in Michigan for sale has become a realistic investment optiondue to the low entry level into the propertymarket, which currently has a number of foreclosures, and an overwhelming demand for rental accommodation. As stated by the leading housing data research firm, RealtyTrac, in 2011, 23% of allresidential property sales in Michiganwere foreclosures. Although the low entrylevel is appealing to lots of potentiallandlords, the clever investors looking to investin Property in Michigan for sale should think aboutthe area in which they are buying in, and the type of tenant theywant to attract. Properties in close proximity to good,vibrant downtown commercial locations with good transport links and thriving businesses prove popular for both tenants and landlords. Selectively choosing properties in school catchment areas, near parks andwith quality medical facilities, policing and fire departments are also key to securing quality tenants on a long-term leasebasis. As the city of Detroit makesinter...
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