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WILDRZ: Turtle Trouble – a Multimedia Graphic Novel – Seeks Funding

Marblehead, Massachusetts – Man Mountain Productions announces taking a step forward in multimedia storytelling, “WILDRZ: Turtle Trouble” is a Graphic Novel app in development for the iPad. Aimed at children ages 7 to 12, “WILDRZ: Turtle Trouble” weaves comics of three fictional siblings with a real-life biologist to protect a turtle breeding ground that also happens to be a suburban soccer field. Paul Michaels, a former software producer for Hasbro Interactive’s Tonka line of computer and console game software, an app developer and award-winning photographer, is using Kickstarter, a funding platform for artists, designers, and filmmakers, to raise the $100,000 needed to finish development of the WILDRZ app. “Until now, graphic novels – what my parents called comic books – really haven’t taken advantage of multimedia technology, even those available on the iPad,” said Michaels, a father of three who developed the successful photo sim game, Photo Shootout. “Built for the iPad, WILDRZ tells a fun, rich, interac...
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