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Word Stack – A fun and addictive word association game for iOS

Los Angeles, California – MochiBits is proud to announce the release of Word Stack, a free word association game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Challenge your brain and have some fun with our new word association stacking game. Be careful, it’s addicting! Laugh, Giggle. Smile, Frown. Key, Board. King, Queen. Stack and match words that are associated to each other! Words can be synonyms. Words can be antonyms. Words can be compound words. Words just have to be related! Warning! Caveat! As stacks get harder, a word can be matched to multiple different words, so you’ll have to get the right combination to complete the stack correctly. Word Stack comes with 40 free stacks, and you also have the option to buy more stack packs or buying ALL the present and future stack packs for one low price. Buying any Stack Pack or ALL Packs IAP will remove the ads. Word Stack is the second word game released by MochiBits and follows their other popular word association game, Word to Word. Device Requirements: * iPhone, i...
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