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xxdreamingstatexx: artisticallyinsaneblog: vamp90210: wednesdayschildfullofwoe: elixiroverdose: ask-mr-makarastrider: dreamingdusk: cgirlstitch: heyitslivi: foreshadowing Disney’s doing it WAAAAAAAAY too right ;_____;  ((Another thing! Look at the stars Ray and Evangeline turn into: Now look at the stars leading to Neverland: They’re the same stars! Ray becomes the Second Star To The Right!  Also here’s Evagaline: Here’s the wishing star form Pinochio (I couldn’t find a better pic ok?)  Evangeline is the blue fairy. And Tatiana wished on the wishing star, and she got her wish after a long journey, periles, and finding what was important to her. Just like when Gepetto wished for Pinocchio to be a real boy. )) (JFC) OOOOH MYYY GOOOODD THIS IS TOO MUCH
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