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Yaniv – the famous Israeli Card Game – Updated and On Sale

Tel Aviv, Israel – Tarnegol Games is excited to announce the release of Yaniv 1.1, the long awaited update to the greatest card game on the iPhone. Traditionally played by backpackers, Yaniv’s popularity grew over time and Yaniv has spread from South America to the UK and even to FIJI. Tarnegol Games brought the original Yaniv gameplay that made the game so popular. Keeping the original rules and placing the players in the exotic settings the game was conceived in. Instead of racking up casino chips, Yaniv is all about playing with friends for bragging right, leader-board dominance, or just for fun. You gain leaderboard points for winning a round, and you gain even more points for winning the entire match. Yaniv 1.1 is improving on an already great free application, improved online play, more achievements,new game elements like Slapdowns, in game text and much more. Yaniv is the best card game on the iPhone, Its easy to pick up but hard to master. Using wits, strategy and intuition your goal is to be the last...
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