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Yes Satellite Broadcasting Approved to Market TriplePlay Service In Israel.

Beseq's subsidiary Yes Satellite Broadcasting has passed an important milestone in Israel as the Grunau Commission passed the decision. Yes Satellite Broadcasting will be permitted to market a triple-play telephony package: "Bezeq telephone and Internet", "service and infrastructure", from Bezeq and Bezeq International respectively. This is the main decision made by the Grunau Commission concerning Bezeq, but it will not be implemented immediately. Yes' mother company Bezeq, on the other hand, will not be allowed to market the same triple package, but Yes will now be able to compete with HOT Telecom, which is already marketing this triple package of services. This easing of restrictions on Bezeq offsets another of the commission's decisions - that Bezeq must allow other telephony operators to use its infrastructure - a policy called unbundling - which hurt the company's competitive edge. The commission further decided that HOT will not have to adopt an unbundling policy for its infrastructure now. Haaretz bro...
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